Sunday, February 4, 2018

ED 308 Design Blog Entry 2: Assessment

I will be doing the classic online course assessments:  quizzes, discussion boards, blogs, wikis, and a final exam of course.   The quizzes and discussion boards will be to check for meeting the English Language Arts (ELA) standards for fictional and informational texts.  The wikis will be to check for meeting ELA standards for producing writing that is narrative, persuasive, or informational.  The blog is for students to express their opinion and preferences i.e. I liked the book because . . .

I am satisfied with this set of assessments.  They will measure what the standard requires.  Students will read.  Students will write.  Students will utilized digital technology routinely.  I think that there could be more assignments given, such as infographs, presentations, or the traditional book report, if this course were to go the intended length of the last of the school year.  As I finished the chapter reading, I realized I don't have a systems or a student access check.  Should I make it a introduction/communication check at the start of the course?  I think I should!

I had a stroke of genius!  One or two of the books have had movies made based off of them.  Once the class has read the book, we, as a class, can watch the movie.  There will be a discussion board or a wiki to contrast the book and the movie.  As you know, the book is always better!

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